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The setting is the backdrop to your story. A lot of times you can find inspiration to break through writer's block by doing a little research. Try looking up the time and place here to find more ideas to flesh out your story.



Characters are the usually the most interesting part of a story. You will proably want at least 2 or 3 main characters: the protagonist (the hero), a sidekick, and an antagonist (the villian). A few secondary characters can help bring depth to your story as well, so we decided to give you half a dozen to start with. Which one looks like the most likely protagonist? The most likely villian? How are they all related to each other? Do they work together? Are they family? Neighbors? As you answer these questions you are building your backstory.

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3

Character 4

Character 5

Character 6

NOTE TO AUTHORS: Just because this generator throws up a lot of random information doesn't mean you have to use it all as is. Feel free to modify those things you think need changing. It's your story after all! Just keep trying to work out the puzzle of how these pieces might fit together until you have a strong story idea and then run with it.

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