Theme Prompts

Theme Prompts

The theme is the deeper meaning of your story. You might think of it as the “big idea” or the “moral” of the story. Keep in ming that no one likes stories that preach. In order to avoid that trap, try to pick a theme that interests you, but that you have no clear, cut-and-dried answers. You may show your “moral” through character development. You may even show how one character starts out on one side and evolves to seeing the other side, while another character makes the opposite journey.


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Working with a theme:

You might want to begin with a speed-write about the theme. What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you have any personal experiences that back up your beliefs?

If you already have a story started…

  • what do your main characters think about this idea?
  • what circumstances might change their opinions?
  • how do the different characters clash because of their beliefs on this topic?