Character Prompts

Character Prompts

Characters make a story more interesting. The more real they seem, the easier it is for readers to care about them. Caring about a character, and what will happen to them next is often the reason we keep turning pages or can’t put a book down.

Looking for an interesting character? Whether it’s a main role, or a walk-on part in your story, you can get a start with this character…

Barbara Chavez

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Age: 53

Career: institutional cook

Strengths: appreciative, respectful, tactful

Weaknesses: mistrustful, impatient

Primary Motivation: longs to have a secure and happy life.

To develop this character further, ask yourself the following questions. Spend about 30 minutes writing out the answers:

  • Looking at your character’s primary motivation, do you think he/she is happy with his/her life?
    • Is their career fulfilling? How someone with this motivation end up in a job like this?
    • Does your character have a family? Who are they? Mother/Father/Spouse/Children? Are they supportive of your characters needs and goals?
    • What kind of home does your character live in? Why do they live there? (Saving money, showing off, convenience?)
  • If your character is happy, what could change that? (Start your story with something bad happens to ruin their perfect life.)
  • If your character is unhappy, what does he/she think will change that? What they doing anything to pursue that goal? What is holding them back at this point?
  • Take a look at your characters greatest strengths:
    • how can they help your character get what he/she wants?
    • hot are those strengths holding him/her back?
  • Take a look at your characters greatest weaknesses:
    • How are they holding your character back?
    • How can they help your character achieve his/her goals?
  • What was your character like when they were younger?
  • What does your character hope to be like when they are older?

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