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Relationship Prompts

Relationship Prompts

One of the things that can really fuel your story is the relationship between characters. This may be the protagonist and antagonist, but it can also be a relationship between one of your main characters and a minor character, or an subplot between two minor characters.

If you get stuck in the middle of your story, a relationship prompt may give you something to get the story moving again.

Pick two of the characters below and see how many of the questions you can answer with them. (Feel free to substitute one of you own characters if you are already in the middle of a story and trying to get unstuck.)

Joshua Willoughby
is a health information technician who wants to make everyone happy.. He is generally versatile and serious, but sometimes inflexible
Shirin Munson
is a marketing manager who just wants to help (everyone/always).. She is generally optimistic and tactful, but sometimes cynical
Nicholas Jacobs
is a police officer who just wants sex.. He is generally intelligent and dedicated, but sometimes strict
Celeste Lind
is a human resources specialist who wants to have the thing everyone else wants.. She is generally serious and spontaneous, but sometimes passive
  • How did these two meet for the first time?
  • What is it that attracts these two to each other?
  • What is it that they hate about each other?
  • How can they help each other?
  • How do they hold each other back?


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