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Story Writing Prompts

Story Writing Prompts

One of the best creative exercises I have encountered is trying to figure out how things work together. These story writing prompts are based on that idea. Here are several random puzzle pieces: title, plot, theme, setting, and characters. Can you put them all together to create an original story?

Refresh the page to change the writing prompt… feel free to mix and match suggestions until you find something that strikes your fancy. 

The mist and An application

A story that explores man versus nature through a brother who hates his sister.


The setting is the backdrop to your story. A lot of times you can find inspiration to break through writer’s block by doing a little research. Try looking up the time and place here to find more ideas to flesh out your story.

Kodiak, AK - November 1972


Characters are the usually the most interesting part of a story. You will proably want at least 2 or 3 main characters: the protagonist (the hero), a sidekick, and an antagonist (the villian). A few secondary characters can help bring depth to your story as well, so we decided to give you half a dozen to start with. Which one looks like the most likely protagonist? The most likely villian? How are they all related to each other? Do they work together? Are they family? Neighbors? As you answer these questions you are building your backstory.

Blake Burnham
is a bank teller who wants to find a purpose in life.. He is generally intelligent and disciplined, but sometimes undisciplined
Jennifer Gross
is a shipping clerk who just wants to be bad for evil's sake.. She is generally orderly and ambitious, but sometimes inflexible
Amanda Coon
is a sales person who wants to be unique and original.. She is generally independent and warm, but sometimes shy
Matt Fulcher
is a sheriff who wants life to settle down and get boring for a change.. He is generally dedicated and appreciative, but sometimes rude
Gaston Grossman
is a engineering manager who wants to find what was lost at any cost.. He is generally determined and enthusiastic, but sometimes mistrustful
Eve Haller
is a machinist who lives for the thrill of moment.. She is generally observant and open, but sometimes fearful